4 Sex Games Every Couple Should Try

If you want to add some fun to the bed room these games will for sure do the trick. Not to say that you don't have crazy good sex already, because that's between you and your partner but could it be more better?

I.O.U The Game Of Hidden Pleasure

A couples card game that will add some spice to your love life. On each pull- up tab card will be an erotic surprise for you to do. Only downside is the cards are not really reusable after you lift tabs. It's about 50 cards so try not to use them up in one setting lol This game is about $10

What's Your Fantasy?

Get yourself a jar or bowl and write down a few things you been wanting to try and put it in the bowl/jar. Nothing to crazy, it can be having sex in a certain part of the house or trying out new positions. Now obviously the next step is to execute them. This game will bring you closer to your partner and you get to try out a bunch of new things. You set the tone if you want to play once a week or even once a month whatever works best but super fun to see what your partner has in mind.

Sexy Suits

Get a deck of cards and a Timer. Give each suit a meaning: Diamonds represent kissing, Hearts equal a massage, Clubs hand on stimulation, Spades are Oral. The number on the cards represents the number of seconds each sexy act should last.

To take it up a notch and make moves even more intense by doing them for minutes, not seconds.

Naughty Gurl

Ladies this one is for us. Tell your partner all the things you did wrong today. (You didn't clean the house like you should, You forgot to do something your partner told you too) Then your Man spanks you using his hand or one of those Paddle hairbrushes (using the back of it of course) whatever is not too scary disciplinary accessory. A smack on the butt creates a tingly, alert sensation that if combined well while playing with other body parts at the same time might surprise you. If your into that kinda kinky fun.

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