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Meet Chelsey

Chelsey is the CEO of The Braider's Collection. Natural organic hair products that I personally can vouch for and say is a great line. I love the organic herb oil, I use it in my kids and husband hair as well for myself to add shine and moisture. Not only is Chelsey the CEO of The Braider's Collection, she does hair; Braids, Passion twist, Bohemian goddess braids and much more. All while holding down mom life of two busy boys.

Can you tell us more about The Braider's Collection?

Chelsey- The Braider's Collection offers 100% Organic all natural hair care products. Each product was made with love and chemistry. My natural hair care products made with rich ingredients and herbs. Meaning you can use my products if you wear curly, straight, color treated, even extensions. The Braider's Collection contains the best ingredients leaving out all the harsh chemicals and is made for ALL hair types, women, men and kids.

What inspired you to start your own hair line?

Chelsey- Being a Braider I've come across a lot of people that suffers from a lack of something when it comes to their hair. So I decided to create a line of products to help everyone boost their hair goals while wearing their protective styles.

What is your best selling product?

Chelsey- My best selling items is my hair growth oil and edge control.

Has it been a smooth road?

Chelsey- As a entrepreneur there is nothing smooth about it LOL. I make the best of it and always remember to never give up.

Lastly what's your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Chelsey- Being my own boss. Having my own and something to call mines.

Contact Information

For Products



Email: thebraidercollection@gmail.com

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Email: mschelseythebraider@yahoo.com

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