Meet Fancy

Meet Fancy! This woman is inspiring the youth and her peers with her work ethic. Business owner, Working woman, among many other things. She has figured out a way to juggle the 9 to 5 life while building her empire.

What is your business?

Fancy: My business is a small trendy casual women's boutique located at 6260 Long Beach Blvd Long Beach CA 90805. My boutique carry a range of sizes from small to 3xl. If you need something to wear for a date night or chill day with the girls we have you covered.

How long have you been in business?

Fancy: My store has been open for six months. We been at this location for a year but it took approximately six months to get everything ready.

What made you start your own business?

Fancy: Growing up I always wanted my own store. Shopping would get frustrating. I felt most stores in my neighborhood and surrounding areas did not cater to urban styles or to the curvy woman. I remember my friends and I would complain about the size or the jeans being too small, the dresses with no stretch. I use to say to myself that one day I'm going to open a store with stylish items that are affordable for curvy women.

What piece of advice could you share to someone starting out?

Fancy: A piece of advice for someone just starting out is have a lot of patience. Many things can and will go wrong, Deadlines will not always be met and you may go over budget. And that's okay, don't panic. Everything will work out. Trust the process and keep moving forward no matter what.

What do you think is most challenging for small businesses?

Fancy: Marketing strategies/visibility are one of the most challenging for my business. Between working my 9-5 and running a business sometimes life happens and make it difficult to promote the business. Sometimes I can be so tired I want to crawl right into the bed and not post my products. Social media is one of the biggest platforms to showcase your business, Some businesses are solely successful from using social media. This can be discouraging at times due to the fact many boutiques may have similar merchandise. That alone can be challenging to stand out from the rest and trying to reach the people who may be set on shopping on one side of town or may just be set in their own shopping ways.

What do you keep in mind when ordering for your customers?

Fancy: When ordering for my customers I try to keep it simple and cute. I try to select items that you can wear with some heels, sandals or sneakers. I love material that has a great stretch and accentuate the curves. We love clothing that accentuate our curves.

What keeps you going?

Fancy: What keeps me going is my mother. I've watched her my whole life work hard for everything she wanted and everything she has. I never saw her complain, she just wiped the sweat and kept moving forward without any help. She raised me to be a strong independent woman I am today. I want to be in the position where I can give her the world if she asks. I keep that in mind every time I want to give up. Her struggles became my motivation!



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Facebook: lovefancy

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