Four Store Bought Desserts you can pass as your own

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Simple Desserts you can Jazz up a bit and no one will ever know, unless you tell them of course. All these Dessert can be paired with Wine or either Ice cream.

Dutch Apple Pie 🍏

Do y'all remember back in the day how Granny use to bake them special desserts around the holidays? Well, this Apple Pie is so GOODT! I promise you, I wouldn't care if I never bake an apple pie from scratch as long as this one is around.

Sara Lee did her thang! If its not Dutch then don't get it. Dutch only and threw it in the oven. Less than $9 at Ralphs.

Lemon Supreme Cake 🍋

I'm so proud of this one. It's so good no one will care if you actually made it from scratch. This cake box was found at Target for less than $2 a box and I made two pound cakes out of it.

I brought lemon icing as well. After lemon cake has cool down, warm up your icing and add a few drops of real lemon juice to it. Add icing to cake and enjoy.

Mini Chocolate chip Ice cream sandwiches 🍪

You can bake as many cookies as you want but just remember to make an even amount to make sandwiches. Helpful tip is to bake cookies soft so when it cools down they won't get super hard and you don't want your ice cream to melt super fast either.

Strawberry Shortcake Poke Cake 🍓

This cake is fire! My mom put me on to this cake as a young child and now I'm making it for my kids. Very easy to make. Yellow cake, whip cream and strawberry jello is all you need.

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