Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

In the house but still keeping it sexy. Sometimes effort is all it takes to having a memorable night since we're home a lot more these days and its beneficial for both parties involved. Who needs nights out when you can have all the sexy fun right in the comfort of your home. If you have kids then plan accordingly and put them babies to bed early!

Dance The Night Away

This one is my favorite on the list. Get dressed up, Throw on some of your favorite Jams and Dance the night away. It's nothing better than having a partner that's willing to do spontaneous things. It's something so romantic about dancing with the one you love and them pulling you in close as you move to the music.

Paint and Sip

Now this one is fun! You can find all your supplies for this project at Micheal's

Turn on youtube and watch a step by step video for beginners

And please don't forget the wine!

Wine Tasting

I love this idea for a nice relaxing night with my husband. Now depending on what kind of day we had, we might fall asleep or actually try to enjoy being tipsy together. I do have a few recommendations on wine that will definitely set the mood.

ROSCATO- A Sweet Red wine. Very smooth and not bitter at all. Only about $13.99 I can always find this one at Ralph's. Personal Favorite.

PORT- A Bitter Red Wine BUT This baddie come in a huge bottle, You can entertain a small party of 10 and I can Guarantee everyone will be asking what kind of wine was that. An alcohol percentage at 17.9% Mix with a Sprite or Ginger Ale. This one I found at Ralph's for $10 or less.

RISATA MOSCATO D'ASTI- Light, Fruity and smooth sparkling wine. Couple sips in and you will be GOOD. Paired really good with deserts. 11.99 at Ralphs

SARA BEE- Sweet Moscato. You can get about four glasses out this cute little bottle. If you like sweet wines then this one is for you. $6 at Trader Joe's

Give each other Massages

Now with this one! Lets try to actually pamper our partner before it leads to sex.

If it leads there then great but try to enjoy the atmosphere and let the anticipation build. Massages for me is always a mood booster. Here are some easy steps you don't want to forget;

*A clean room is a must. It takes a little prep but so worth it when receiving or giving a massage and you aren't distracted by the mess.

*Set the mood. Music, Candles, Oil and your towel

I love coconut oil, it can easily be warmed up and its not so nasty if it ends up getting in your mouth. Just saying. Also you can never go wrong with Essential oils.

*Set a Timer and then switch

Communicate! If you are not feeling something or it hurts speak up. If something feels great tell your partner! communication is key always.

Lastly, Drink water! Rubbing and kneading is dehydrating.

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